Our Technology

Key Stages in the Technology: 
  • The laser-seam welded manufacturing line consists of multiple powder filling stations, tube forming, laser welding and micro-rolling.

  • The continuous production line is designed to handle multiple nano sized powder feeders

Purification Unit

Laser Seam

Laser Seam Welding

Micro Rolling

  • The technology relies on the use of purified powders. Impurities and undesirable gases are extracted. The purified powders are then mixed under a controlled atmosphere and a homogeneous mix is obtained. 

  • The continuously fed tube is automatically filled in with nano powders and subsequently laser-seam welded. 

  • Laser-seam welded tube is reduced to smaller size by micro rolling. 

  • The wire can be rolled down to 0.8mm diameter. 

Laser-Seam Welded Production Line

Epoch Wires have designed a new powder in-tube laser seam welded continuous wire manufacturing technology