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We focus on emerging green technologies which drive the business innovation

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Our solutions help to reduce energy consumption, increase energy density, improve efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions

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About Us

Epoch Wires are a unique, cutting edge technology company founded in Cambridge, UK. Focusing on emerging technologies including superconductivity and additive manufacturing, Epoch Wires develop products to enable a renewable and sustainable future.


Despite being founded less than 7 years ago, Epoch's history is based on 40+ years of research in the field of superconductivity, and the production of infinitely long, laser seam welded powder-in-tube products. The patented manufacturing technology enables the production of Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) superconductive wires that are not only cost-effective but faster to produce compared to traditional methods. In 2019, Epoch successfully developed the longest single piece of high-temperature superconductive wire (>30km MgB2), by leveraging the nano powder feeding technology with the laser-seam welding technique. The company have recently developed wires suitable for Additive Manufacturing, including tool steels and titanium based alloys for the aerospace industry. 


The research and technical insight have been elevated due to collaborations with the University of Cambridge, University of Strathclyde, University of Twente, and The Welding Institute (TWI). In 2016, Bekaert, a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating, began investing in Epoch. Bekaert have spent the last 5 years growing Epoch’s R&D and production facilities, to commercialise products. The business was nominated for the UK-Government backed 'Most Innovative Company' award in 2015, and was awarded the 'Best Practice Representative Award' in The 2017 Parliamentary Review.


Epoch Wires are inspired to deliver long-term disruptive and sustainable solutions to change the status-quo of industrial practices.

Partners and Awards
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