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Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) becomes superconductive at about 40K implying that MgB2 can be cooled to an operational temperature by either liquid hydrogen or readily available low cost closed-cycle refrigerators. In addition, MgB2  consists of two simple elements Magnesium (Mg) and Boron (B), which are abundant in nature. MgB2 has found itself in a unique position in terms of replacing NbTi at medium magnetic field applications  (i.e MRI machines) and displacing high temperature materials at low field applications (i.e. power generation and transmission). 

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Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Raw material characterisation lab

  • Powder mixing stations / doping additions

  • Continuous production mill, nano powder filling

  • Continuous laser welding using optical fiber for most common metals / alloys (Steel, SS, Nickel, Cobalt)

  • Continuous laser welding using optical fiber for most common light-emitting metals / alloys (Copper, Aluminium)

  • Fully integrated data collection system

  • Mini cassette rolling

  • Ultrasound cleaning


An attractive
price/ performance

A capacity

A long-length product consistency

Our continuous manufacturing process yields unlimited lengths 


Our cable design and inline-heat treatment ensures product consistency in all process steps

With current the current process, we can produce enough wires to power more than 250 MRI magnets per year

We can produce a market-conform MgB2 with optimal balance between material cost and resulting product performance

Our Competitive Advantages

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