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Laser Additive Manufacturing

Sustainable Innovation Fund


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Epoch Wires are pleased to announce their involvement in an InnovateUK research project as part of the “Sustainable Innovation Fund” competition. The project entitled “Fast-track development of a novel compact wire-feed system for Laser Additive Manufacturing” (FastWireAM) is being led by Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, supported by TWI and Epoch Wires. The project aims to accelerate the market uptake of HMT’s wire-feed system in conjunction with novel-alloy wire feedstock produced by Epoch Wires. Epoch Wires will design and optimise novel-alloy wire compositions suitable for Laser Additive Manufacturing process. A number of new powder-in-tube wires will be produced using nano powder feeding technology combined with laser-seam welding technique. The wires will be deposited using Laser Additive Manufacturing technique to industrially relevant components and will demonstrate the added-value and global market potential. The FastWireAM project has received funding from InnovateUK under grant agreement No. 81046

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