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Announces Energy
Distribution Breakthrough

Large Scale Energy Efficiency Ramifications

Infinitely-long Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) wire

Epoch Wires, Inc., a New York startup company which specializes in developing and producing superconducting wires, has just announced their readiness to manufacture what’s termed “infinitely-long Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) wire. What’s significant about this announcement are the large scale energy efficiency ramifications of introducing low cost superconducting capacity onto the energy distribution grid. According to the company’s press, and our conversation with board chairman Dr. Riza Berkan, production is scheduled to start early in the new year.


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For a bit of context, consider that in North America alone we lose over $120 billion dollars a year to electricity lost simply in transmitting it across currently used wires. That’s just energy produced that essentially “leaks” out of older and less efficient wires. But transmission efficiency is really not the only segment which could benefit from superconducting wire production. Other areas include; medicine, electronics, aerospace, communications, military, and scores of other industries where electricity needs to be conducted. One fascinating use of superconductivity is in the production of massively powerful electromagnets. With the efficiency of these MgB2 wires, magnetic fields might be enhanced thousands of times.


If we consider just the number and kinds of electric motors in use today, and amplifying the output of those electric engines, the implications are actually staggering. Dr. Serdar Atamert (at right), founder and CEO of Epoch Wires Inc., offered this statement enthusiastically concerning where his company is; “We have overcome the conventional barriers of superconductivity in large-scale energy applications.”


Serdar goes on to reveal one immediate application of these astonishing conductive wires. The new Epoch Wire is now installed in MRI machines. Troubled by these conductivity “leakages”, MRI machine manufacturers have to contend with high operational costs associated with the machines. One such cost, the upward trending price of the coolant liquid Helium, drives the cost of machine operation sky high. Epoch Wire’s products are cooled with cheap and highly abundant liquid Hydrogen instead. And it is the cost savings aspect, combined with technical superiority, that makes these new MgB2 wires such a disruptive innovation. Another member of the Epoch team, Prof. Bartek A Glowacki, who is a co-founder and a Professor in the University of Cambridge, UK, offered this:


“Magnesium Diboride wire presents a unique opportunity for energy applications especially in conjunction with the emerging Hydrogen economy both as a coolant and as an energy vector.” He added “Low manufacturing and operational costs are a typical blue print for revolutionizing the energy sector.”


All those futuristic innovations you’ve seen only in movies thus far, groundbreaking technologies such as levitated trains and other vehicles, all these and more applications of superconducted electricity may be at hand with the production of Epoch Wires’ patented technologies. In a very real world sense, even the possibility of intergalactic transport is a closer reality with enhanced electromagnetic capability, not to mention more conventional EMF modes. I learned about this new technology from an old friend, Dr. Riza Berkan, who is a nuclear scientist and artificial intelligence (AI) expert I’ve known for some years. I asked Dr. Berkan about the significance of these discoveries:


“Superconductors are like the second tsunami of technological advancement after semiconductors. They’re a creation that can change the world once for all. Given the impact, we might as well invent the formula that will make them cheap, abundant, and flexible for any energy application. And this is where we are at Epoch Wires.”


While we are not permitted to release video or specific information about this groundbreaking development, I can tell readers that cost has been one of the biggest hurdles to industrial applications for superconductivity. Today, only MRI machines really make use of this technology on any scale. And as I have mentioned, the costs for super-cooling with Helium have begun to erode those advantages. Epoch Wires’ production processes apparently reduce the costs a hundred fold or more owning partly to the low costs of raw materials in these wires.


Combined with production capacity innovations and other elements currently under wraps, Epoch Wires’ news presents an exciting new chance at conquering some of humankind’s most pressing environmental problems too.


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