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Funding Secured for
NanoTi Project


Nano Ti.png

Epoch Wires is pleased to announce their involvement in an InnovateUK research project as part of the “NATEP helping SMEs innovate in aerospace - Autumn 2021 competition”. The project entitled “NanoTi - Grain refinement of Ti-6Al-4V wire to enable Aerospace DED AM” is led by Epoch Wires and supported by TWI.
The project aims to design novel-alloy wire chemistry to minimise the grain growth in Ti6Al4V alloys deposited by Additive Manufacturing. In this work Epoch Wires will produce new wires with nanoparticles injection to facilitate the formation of equiaxed grains to enhance the mechanical properties of Ti6Al4V alloys and TWI will be depositing the wires using laser, plasma and electron-beam additive manufacturing technologies. 

The NanoTi project has received funding from InnovateUK under grant agreement No. 10030392.

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