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Novel Superconducting MgB2 Wires

Continuous Process

A novel manufacturing technology to produce infinitely long and cost-effective MgB 2 superconductive wires has been developed. The process consists of powder purification in a controlled atmosphere and unique powder feeding technology allowing micrometer-sized Mg and Cu powders and nano-sized B and dopant powders to be fed continuously to a “U”-shaped stainless steel and bimetallic sheath material. Laser seam welding technology has been applied to seal the conductor seam, allowing continuous wire production. Deformation characteristics of wires produced by single and bimetallic sheath materials have been studied. The I c (B,T) characteristic of initial products has been investigated in a dedicated helium force vapor cooling system. It is demonstrated that the proposed technology guarantees the possibility of the virtually unlimited length of the conductor and potentially greater processing control, ensuring a quality superconductor for large-scale applications.

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